About Us

Georgia Psychological Foundation (GPF) is non-profit [Section 501 (c)(3)] with a focus on public interest. Specifically, the purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to the health and well-being of the public in the state of Georgia through psychological services, research, education and training.  GPF’s mission is to build a collaborative network to increase the visibility and value of psychology with the vision of expanding the impact of psychology in Georgia. GPF is inclusive and values diversity and is therefore seeking support from a wide range of constituents supportive of the Foundation’s purpose, mission and vision.

Collaborative Partnerships

Georgia Psychological Foundation engages in cooperative relationships with organizations that promote free and reduced fee work with populations in need in the state of Georgia. 

Refugee Mental Health Resource Network

An interdisciplinary project with support from a CODAPAR grant and four Divisions of the American Psychological Association, including the Division of Trauma Psychology. This Network is an interactive database of volunteer psychologists and mental health professionals who support the mental health and psychosocial needs of refugees, asylum seekers, and victims of torture. 

Disaster Response Network

The American Psychological Association Practice Directorate coordinates this Network of licensed psychologists across the U.S. and Canada who voluntarily engage in disaster preparedness, response and recovery activities for individuals, families and communities.

Public Education and Training

GPF engages in efforts to raise awareness and inform the public about mental health issues, and supports the continued training and promotion of research supported and evidenced-based specialized knowledge and skills for professionals working with marginalized and at risk populations of people. 


Please check out our upcoming events for training or public forums that may be happening near you soon.  

Commitment to Pro Bono Service

GPF engages in efforts to support free and reduced fee mental health and psychological services to the public through recognition, awards, and training. 


The Annual GPF Pro Bono Award will be given at the 2019 GPA Annual Meeting to recognize  a psychologist who has provided exemplary pro bono services to the community. The award will include a cash prize as well as a plaque and recognition at the Annual Meeting. Please nominate a psychologist with a written statement of how you believe they exemplify altruism to those in need through pro bono service.  Self-nominations are welcome. We will recognize all those who have been nominated at the Annual Meeting. Send nominations to Betsy Gard: drbetsy5151@comcast.net

Board of Directors

Each Board Member serves a 2-year term and provides leadership, oversight and direction for the Georgia Psychological Foundation.  


Dr. Kamieka O. S. Gabriel

Licensed Psychologist

Gabriel Psychological Services, Inc.


Dr. Eleanor H. McMahan 

Licensed Psychologist

Wellspring Psychology

Part-Time Assistant Professor, UGA


Dr. Betsy Gard 

Licensed Psychologist

Gard Consulting and Psychological P.C.

Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Emory Medical School


Dr. Tiffany Hughes-Troutman

Licensed Psychologist

Director, Health Behavior, Georgia Tech


Dr. Joanne Peeler

Licensed Psychologist

Registered Psychiatric Nurse

Joanne Peeler, LLC


Dr. Beth Seidel

Licensed Psychologist

Behavioral Institute of Atlanta, LLC


Executive Director

Dr. V. Gayle Spears

Licensed Psychologist

Executive Director, GPA

Clinical Associate Professor, UGA


Dr. Peter C. Thomas

Licensed Psychologist

Peter C. Thomas, LLC


Mr. Gerald L. Henderson

Assistant District Attorney

Dekalb County, Georgia 


Dr. Maggie Martin

Licensed Psychologist

Director of Student Development, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College


Dr. Zane Scarborough

Licensed Psychologist

Branches Counseling Center


Dr. Jennifer Smith

Licensed Psychologist

Contact Us

Phone: (404) 634-6272

Email: admin@gapsychology.org